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Istanbul is a great city for investment. For many years, it was considered to be the most important trade center of the Ottoman empire and now it is still a very popular tourist destination. There are many things to see and do in Istanbul, but this does not mean you should forget about investing in property here. If you are looking for a villa for sale in Istanbul, then this article will help you find one that meets your needs perfectly!

Villas in Istanbul are a limited edition

With Istanbul’s population of 15 million, there are fewer than 10,000 villas in the city and its suburbs. A villa is a luxury product: it has to be beautiful, spacious and well maintained. The number of villas for sale is limited because they are expensive to build and maintain; the materials used for a large house have to withstand heat and humidity (for example, wood does not).

Buying a villa in Istanbul is a smart investment

Buying a villa in Istanbul is a smart investment. The price of a villa in Istanbul depends on what factors? It depends on the location, the size of your home, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

For example, if you want to buy an apartment in Cihangir then it would cost around $1 million but if you want to live near Taksim Square then it will cost you around $2 million.

In addition to this there is also another factor that can affect the price: whether or not there are any other buildings nearby that block out sunlight from reaching your home at certain times during the day (i.e., morning/afternoon). This can have an effect on both heating costs as well as cooling costs since light has been shown time again by scientists worldwide (even here in Turkey) that sunlight helps reduce human body temperature during hot weather when compared with darker rooms without any windows like basements or attics which require artificial lighting instead of natural light sources like lamps or ceiling fans installed inside them!

Buying a villa in Istanbul with evim Istanbul immigration company

Buying a villa in Istanbul with evim Istanbul immigration company

How to buy a cheap villa in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city with great potential for investors. It is well situated, has a huge population, and has a growing economy. If you are looking to invest in real estate, Istanbul may be the right place for you. The best thing about investing in Turkish property is that there are so many options available. You can choose between villas, apartments and even office space if you want something more traditional.

You should not make any purchases without doing your research first though – this way you can avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous sellers who are just out to make a quick buck at your expense!

In order to find the best deals available on the market today we highly recommend using website such as https://www.buyvillasinyourdreamsistanbulistanbulpurchasesite/ where every day hundreds of new listings are added by sellers around Turkey including Istanbul itself!

Buying villas for sale in Istanbul is safer than renting

Buying a villa in Istanbul is a smart investment. The property market in the city is increasing rapidly and this means that if you purchase the right place, your home will increase in value over time. If you decide to sell it later on, you can make a profit off of your investment.

Renting is risky because rents are very high in Istanbul and vary depending on where you live and what amenities are available nearby. You also run the risk of having your rent raised unexpectedly or being forced out by your landlord if they want to sell or move back into their home themselves. The only way around this risk would be to buy a property instead of renting one – but buying may not be possible for everyone due to cost restrictions from banks (see below).

Buying a villa in IstanbulBuying a villa in Istanbul

Choosing the best villas for sale in Istanbul is easy

Choosing the best villas for sale in Istanbul is easy and fun. You can choose from many villas based on location, size, price, amenities and number of bedrooms.

For example: you might like a large villa with a pool, close to the city centre or maybe you want something smaller but with all modern conveniences? Or perhaps your budget is limited so you want a cheaper option? Or maybe all of these things matter not one bit because what really matters is having more space than any one person could ever need!

The good news is there are so many different types of properties available that everyone will be able to find their perfect match – no matter how picky they may be!

Investing in a villa in Turkey is beneficial.

  • Turkey is a safe country. While there are some areas that are more dangerous than others, overall, it’s fairly safe to live in Turkey.
  • The Turkish economy is growing. The economy of Turkey has grown steadily since 2009 and continues to do so as of 2017; it’s expected to continue this trend for years to come.
  • The real estate market in Turkey is growing too! As the economy grows, so does the need for housing and real estate—and this means good things for anyone who’s looking at investing in a villa here!
  • For investors or people who plan on living here permanently or temporarily (such as students), buying a villa could be an excellent investment opportunity.


We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of the benefits of investing in a villa in Istanbul. Buying one is easier than you may think, and with us on your side, the process will be smooth and seamless. We are here to help with all your real estate needs, so if you have any questions or need some advice on where to start then please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

evim Istanbul Immigration Company is the authority to obtain Turkish residence by buying a property in Istanbul.

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